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Logo Design

Customer Testimonial: VESCNM

"On behalf of Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Centers, I would like to thank you for designing and building a website perfect for our organization. You quickly identified our needs and put the development of the site in rapid motion. You brought us engaging graphics and a wonderful layout all the while working with our chosen color scheme. The site is easy to navigate and functions very well for any of our existing and potential clients.

"We were also very pleased that you met two specific requirements: content management and built-in forms for our clients to use. You achieved both and made it seem effortless. You selected a user-friendly content management program knowing that we had not worked with content management before. In fact, we have been able to update our site several times already with ease. In addition, the forms feature raised our site to a higher level of sophistication than what we had in the past.

"Finally, I know we made many changes and switches along the way, but each time we did, you worked with us patiently and professionally and for that you have our sincere gratitude. I would recommend your services to any organization or business that is in need of a professional, creative, and superior website designer. I look forward to working with you again."

Lynn Keller
Hospital Administrator
Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Centers LLC

Animal Doctor Design Logo Design
Animal Doctor Design provides branding, logo design and corporate style guide creation. Logos are created in industry-standard Adobe Illustrator, and are exported to both print-friendly vector EPS and web-friendly png/gif/tif/jpg.
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